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Early Saturday Open Thread: Will The Vikings Suck For Luck?

It's all backwards this weekend with all the games on Saturday (except the Bears at Packers on Sunday night). Ten early games, but not a lot of must see football. There could be some good games in play, but no single game jumps out. NY vs. NY is probably the biggest game for bragging rights, but I have trouble believing the Giants will get anywhere near the playoffs.

Since the Colts keep winning, it might be interesting to see if the Vikings can keep losing. The Redskins should beat them in D.C., but it's hard to count on the Rexskins doing anything as it should be done. If the Vikings did have the No. 1 pick, then they should draft Andrew Luck, and they can figure out what to do with Christian Ponder later. Even if they stick with Ponder, they could ransom the No. 1 pick this year for a huge haul to some quarterback needy team.