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What Will The Next Two Weeks Look Like For The Packers?

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Twitter / @MikeVandermause: MM: Home field in playoffs is important...The Green Bay Packers have accomplished everything they can in the regular season. They missed out on the unbeaten season, but that wasn't one of their goals six months ago. They earned a playoff spot, won the NFC North, and have home field advantage. The last regular season game is only for pride. Then a week off before their second round playoff game.

Twitter / @MikeVandermause: MM: Good question about what is left to accomplish ...Mike McCarthy, and Aaron Rodgers, recognize now that the team has to get healthy. On the other hand, they still have a game to play and they can't bench all the starters.

Twitter / @MikeVandermause: MM: Don't have answer ... So the question of whether healthy players will sit or start is something to be worked out this week.

I've been expecting the Packers to treat this last one like a preseason game. The coaches will decide how many snaps each unit or player will play. I don't expect the Packers to do much game planning, especially since anything they did show could be tipping their hand in a possible playoff game rematch. Maybe they'll focus on things they want to work on as a team (like their run defense). McCarthy has said they try to win every game, and focusing on player execution should result in a victory too.

And the offense can work on whatever they want to work on with Matt Flynn at quarterback. I don't expect the other offensive starters will sit. And maybe none of the offensive lineman since they have so few of them left.