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Looking At The Packers On The 2012 Pro Bowl Roster

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Seven Packers named to Pro Bowl. The first thing I thought when I read the list was that the Green Bay Packers are going to be giving Scott Wells an expensive contract extension for making his first Pro Bowl. Then I wondered if they wouldn't re-sign him because they haven't already given him an extension. But it's not like they have someone waiting in the wings to replace him. Ohh, the speculation. He's played well this season, and he certainly a worthy selection.

As to the other six players who made the 2012 Pro Bowl, and the seven alternates.

No brainers. Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Charles Woodson. Whether right or wrong, Pro Bowl voters look at interception totals at cornerback and Woodson is tied for the lead with seven, making him a shoo-in. Matthews has six sacks, three INTs, and scored a defensive touchdown, which is a statistical trifecta of sorts. Those numbers got them in. It doesn't hurt that they deserve it too.

No surprise. John Kuhn. This isn't the glory days for the position and the fact that the Packers sometimes use him in their offense was probably good enough. I don't expect there is another full-time fullback that has scored six TDs this season.

Maybe. Greg Jennings. It's debatable whether he should be in ahead of even Jordy Nelson (alternate), but he's got the reputation that Nelson doesn't. Also, his nine TD receptions are among the best, and he's another worthy choice.

Huh? B.J. Raji. He's still the rare nose tackle who can put pressure on the quarterback, which is why he made it. His performance in the 2010 postseason certainly had some effect on the vote. The only explanation is that it's not clear who should have been named instead, but there was probably someone better than him.

The alternates. Mason Crosby (first alternate, 5th in the league in scoring) is not a surprise. Jermichael Finley, Randall Cobb, Nelson, Desmond Bishop, Josh Sitton, and Tramon Williams are all other alternates, which is deserving for them all. Only Nelson may have actually deserved a spot outright.