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On The Stock Sale, Erik Walden, and Desmond Bishop

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Packers Sell Nearly 250,000 Shares Of Stock - I'm proud to be a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers, and help the team build a stadium addition. Even if I have no chance of getting a season ticket out of it. Now I've got to get a frame for my new share.

Green Bay Packers news | Trial date set for Packers LB Erik Walden in domestic disturbance | Green Bay Press Gazette. The pre-trial hearing is on February 13. He faces up to 90 days in jail. The punishment by the NFL might even be more severe. | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Capers on Bishop: Good first step, still has some rust. He missed the last three games, and he played like it at first. He seemed a little lost, and had trouble getting off blocks. He looked better as the game went on, so I've got no worries about him going into the playoffs. D.J. Smith is a promising rookie, but I'd rather see Bishop starting.