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On Penalties, The Starting QB, and Tramon Williams

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Green Bay Packers news | Packers go from worst to first in penalties | Green Bay Press Gazette. This was a topic I wrote a lot more about back in 2009, when the Green Bay Packers committed a lot of penalties. The low point was that 18 penalty game against the Bears in September 2010, but they had only had 8 penalties in their first two games that season. Compare that to the over 7 penalties per game they committed in 2009. Not beating themselves is a big reason for their success over the past two seasons.

Green Bay Packers news | Notebook: No decision yet on starting Rodgers, McCarthy says | Green Bay Press Gazette. I don't know who Mike McCarthy thinks he's fooling, but there's no way he doesn't know who his starting quarterback is. He told reporters that even Graham Harrell got some reps this week. I thought Aaron Rodgers would play a little bit, but now I'm thinking he'll just play a snap or two before coming out.

Green Bay Packers news | Insider: Returning players provide options on offensive line | Green Bay Press Gazette. The more interesting point was how ineffective Calvin Johnson has been in his last couple games against Tramon Williams. Eventually Megatron is going to have a big game against the Packers, probably not this weekend because he missed most of practice this week with an Achilles injury, but Williams has proven he can do the job.