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An Update On Morgan Burnett Hand: Back To 100%?

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Green Bay Packers Morgan Burnett was not listed on the injury report for their last game against the Lions. I assumed it meant that he wasn't wearing any form of cast on his broken right hand. Instead he wore a "less restrictive cast" and now he's wearing a bandage. Here's more from the Journal-Sentinel:

That bulging mitt that completely covered his hand is gone. While Burnett's best attribute is his ability to cover ground and make plays in the secondary - he had three interceptions in the first three games - the second-year free safety also showed a surprising toughness in run support before the injury.

He was still relatively quiet against the Lions with 5 tackles and no other recorded stats. Early in the season, he grabbed two interceptions against the Bears and had a 14 tackle performance against the Saints, but he hasn't played like that in October or November. Safeties coach Darren Perry said that they had switched Burnett's role after he broke his hand and they've played Charlie Peprah "closer to the line of scrimmage." Maybe they'll move Burnett closer to the line now that his hand is almost 100%.

He's not listed on the injury report again this week. I'm looking forward to seeing if the coaches can get more from him over the final few weeks of the season.