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Inactives: Green Bay Packers at Giants

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It's looking like it will be perfect football weather in New York as the Green Bay Packers take on the Giants. The Packers have the following inactives: House, Hawk, Bishop, Lattimore, Sitton, Clifton, and D.J. Williams. Four starters are out, but these are all no surprises as they've been out all week. House and Lattimore remain rookie development players, and D.J. Williams has been in the dog house since he drew a flag on offense a couple weeks ago.

The Giants have a couple name players inactive including Umenyiora, Manningham, and Baas. Baas is their starting center and inactive due to headaches. The Giants starting left tackle is done for the year, so they've got some issues on the line. It appears Ahmad Bradshaw will play which should help them, and starting LB Michael Boley is set to return too.