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The Green Bay Packers Are NFC North Champs

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While the rest of the NFC North was losing on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers won a close one and the NFC North championship. I know the Packers are aiming for bigger goals, such as an unbeaten season and a trip back to the Super Bowl, but this is a big accomplishment in its own right.

It's their first NFC North crown since 2007. In a normal season, that would have been a big deal. It doesn't seem as important now, but it beats having to settle for a less secure wild card spot as they've done over the past two seasons.

This was one of their goals coming into this season. While they were the defending Super Bowl champs, it wasn't impressive that they couldn't even win their own division. And they couldn't even earn a single home playoff game. Now, unless they stumble and lose at least two of their next four games, there's no way they'll miss out on home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Congratulations.