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A Brief Discussion About The Green Bay Packers Defense

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Watching the Green Bay Packers defense struggle to stop the Giants, I was looking at a couple of things they'll need to improve on next year. There's nothing to be done about it for this season. First, they need to re-examine every player on the defensive line. In a 3-4 defense, they aren't a group that is supposed to be piling up the defensive stats, but they still aren't making nearly enough plays. Second, the duo of Morgan Burnett and Charlie Peprah isn't working at safety. I don't see enough of either player coming in as a help defender. As with the defensive line, they aren't making enough big plays. I have no doubt that GM Ted Thompson and his staff are watching the same struggles we are, and they're taking notes for next season.

As for how this all matters for 2011, the Packers have now played the (other) top three offenses in the NFC according to Football Outsiders (the Saints, Panthers, and Giants). And they've beaten all three, in large part, because Aaron Rodgers makes up for a lot of other problems. That's not a great formula for a winning defense, but it is winning them games, and they are the best team in the NFL.