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Three Packers Were Injured Against The Giants

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Just because the Green Bay Packers have won the NFC North, I don't expect them to be any less cautious with their injured players. Three starters were knocked out after their win over the Lions on Thanksgiving, and another one (plus two prominent reserves) were injured this week against the Giants. We'll learn more about each player over the course of the week.

CB Charles Woodson. He took a helmet-to-helmet shot from RB Ahmad Bradshaw and it was called a "head injury." I would guess it's a concussion. Every player reacts to them differently, and if he passes the concussion protocol later this week, then I expect he'll play next Sunday. It's a dire situation in the sense that his replacement would be Jarrett Bush, but, at this point, they really need him healthy for the playoffs.

TE Andrew Quarless. It didn't look good when his leg buckled on a kick return. Mike McCarthy stopped short of calling it ligament damage, but I think his season is over. We will find out for sure later this week. With five tight ends on the roster, this position is the definition of depth. I don't want to see anything bad happen to him, but they'll survive on the field without him.

RB James Starks. He's injured his ankle three times in the last three games. Even if they were battling for a playoff spot, it's just as important to get him some rest so he can get back to 100%.