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Mike McCarthy: "I Thought It Was Awesome"

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I missed this quote from Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy last night on the two-minute drill by Aaron Rodgers that led to their game winning field goal. I'm not surprised they had a great two-minute drill, but it doesn't usually go that easy for them.

It opened with a 24 yard completion to Jermichael Finley that he called "the best move of my career." From ESPN's NFC North Blog:

In two plays, using a total of 17 seconds, the Packers had moved 51 yards and were in field goal position. An 18-yard pass to Jennings made it a chip-shot for Crosby, and the Packers calmly drained the clock to three seconds before setting up the field goal.

The Giants went man-to-man on that final drive, and Rodgers's eyes must have opened wide when he saw Jordy Nelson matched up against ex-Packer CB Will Blackmon. And Crosby admitted he was glad when Nelson went out of bounds because he got to kick the game winning field goal. He was so far in the zone that he didn't celebrate at first. That was a two-minute drill clinic.