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Packers Over Giants: Top 5 Defensive Plays Of The Game

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Yes, I'm going to try to find five good defensive plays by the Green Bay Packers during their win over the Giants. See the descriptions after the jump.

First Quarter

(2:53) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass short left to 28-D.Ware to GB 20 for -4 yards (93-E.Walden).

This play was on 2nd and 2 from the Packers 16 yard line. Erik Walden got the tackle, but the Packers just blew this play up. Maybe if it had just been an incompletion, the Giants would have tried something else on third and short. Instead, with 3rd and 6, Eli Manning took a shot in the end zone and the Giants are probably still grumbling about the touchdown that got away.

Second Quarter

(15:00) 10-E.Manning pass short left intended for 44-A.Bradshaw INTERCEPTED by 52-C.Matthews at NYG 38. 52-C.Matthews for 38 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Beast mode!!!

(:32) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning sacked at NYG 41 for -7 yards (52-C.Matthews). FUMBLES (52-C.Matthews), RECOVERED by GB-90-B.Raji at GB 49. 90-B.Raji to 50 for 1 yard (76-C.Snee). Officially, a sack for 0 yards. The Replay Assistant challenged the fumble ruling, and the play was Upheld.

Beast mode v.2!!!

Fourth Quarter

(11:05) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass incomplete deep right to 88-H.Nicks (26-C.Peprah, 38-T.Williams).

Well, it forced them to settle for a 50 yard field goal instead of another touchdown.

(8:13) 10-E.Manning pass incomplete deep right to 88-H.Nicks (37-S.Shields).

I think this was the play where Sam Shields knocked down a perfectly thrown pass down the right sidelines. This was a first down play, and it was the only time in the second half when the Giants went three-and-out.