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Packer Notes: Walden Charged, Harrell Promoted, Dietrich-Smith Over McDonald

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Walden charged with disorderly conduct - JSOnline. It appears that Green Bay Packers LB Erik Walden will only be charged with a misdemeanor and shouldn't face any more jail time. He already spent Thanksgiving weekend in jail. He could work out a plea deal later this month, and I wouldn't expect it to impact his availability for the rest of the season. He's apologized to teammates and fans, so he's taken some responsibility for his actions. He's played well since the bye week and the Packers are better off with him.

Harrell promoted, Quarless heads to IR - JSOnline. If it's December, then Graham Harrell must be promoted to the active roster. He was promoted last December after Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion, but this time it appears to be a roster maneuver. They added big (6-5, 329 pound) OL Jake Vermiglio to the practice squad, and apparently they didn't have a more pressing need for the active roster than a third quarterback. Vermiglio had a very good college career, but if he couldn't stick with the Cardinals in training camp, so my guess is that he doesn't have a lot of upside. With injuries to Clifton and Sitton, they probably needed another lineman for the scout team. UPDATE: What initially looked like a roster shuffle was instead made to prevent the Bills from signing Harrell.

It Is What It Is " Nick McDonald happy to get his first NFL start under his belt. If the Packers didn't have Evan Dietrich-Smith backing up Sitton, they'd probably have kept Nick McDonald and he could be the starting right guard. Instead, Dietrich-Smith beat McDonald in training camp, and due to injuries, McDonald's become the starting center for the Patriots. He appears to have re-discovered his 2010 form in New England after a brutal 2011 preseason with the Packers.