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On The Packers Stock Sale And The New Shareholders

One of the new owners of the Green Bay Packers
One of the new owners of the Green Bay Packers

Packers shareholders in their own words - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Yes, it's stock a that's effectively worthless. But I still remember seeing a friend's share of stock on her wall after the 1997 stock sale (which I thought was a poor use of my money) and immediately regretted my decision. I'm paying $275 for having the right to say I'm an NFL owner. And I never have to watch my favorite team fall into the hands of some egotistic owner. And I never have to worry that the team is going to move to Los Angeles. If the impossible ever did happen and the franchise was sold, the proceeds would go to the American Legion post in Green Bay.

Packers shareholders can be fined $5,000 for betting on NFL | National Football Post. While it's technically true that I'm an NFL owner, and it's technically true I can be fined $5,000 for betting on the NFL, there's no way the NFL is going to take any steps to enforce this rule against an owner of shares in the Packers. The rule is certainly intended to maintain the integrity of the game, but no Packer shareholder could do anything to harm it. And it would make the NFL look like a bunch of idiots if they did fine someone.

Green Bay Packers news | Mike Vandermause column: Fans aren't only ones eager for stock-owner bragging rights | Green Bay Press Gazette. The players, such as Ryan Pickett, are buying shares too.