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Packers Super Bowl Media Day - At Cowboys Stadium

Bishop Berman
Bishop Berman

Tuesday morning was media day for the Green Bay Packers. I would have liked to have talked with LB Desmond Bishop but Chris Berman wouldn't move out of my way. Who does he think he is anyway?

At least he knew who to talk to. Pro Football Talk called Bishop "the complete package at LB." They also said that Bishop and CB Sam Shields were the only two on defense "to grade positively across the board." That's not the definitive word, but the stats have backed up what we've seen on the field. These guys have played great this season.

There were eighteen players and coaches at podiums on the field and in the stands. FS Nick Collins and WR Donald Driver drew the short straws apparently, as they were sitting in the freezing end zones near the doors. With the wind chill, the weather is like Wisconsin here in Dallas. C'mon Roger Goodell, cold weather Super Bowl in Lambeau!

The rest of the players and coaches walked around on the field. I spent some time talking with WR Brett Swain about his role in the offense, QB Aaron Rodgers, and Cowboys Stadium. I'll post some quotes, and maybe even some audio worth listening to, later today. UPDATE: Of course it helps if you know how to work the recorder, which I don't. Bummer.