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Interviewing The Steelers At Media Day

LeBeau Berman
LeBeau Berman

My enthusiasm was lacking when it was the Pittsburgh Steelers turn on media day. I had really wanted to listen to the defensive coordinator, Dick LeBeau, and ask him how to his defense matches up with the Green Bay Packers in pass coverage. Does he prefer to have extra defensive backs in the game? And, although he wouldn't tell me, how much does he expect to rely on the blitz?

Apparently my obsession with Chris Berman is continuing, and I approached LeBeau just as he was about to be interviewed for ESPN. If you'll notice, everyone is standing very closely around him because he's so quiet I couldn't hear anything. 

Instead I listened to offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. He spoke about the Steelers playcalling, wondering aloud if Pittsburgh was the only city in the NFL that wanted their team to run the ball more than pass. He also pointed out that QB Ben Roethlisberger does sometimes audible from a run to a pass, and probably because the Steelers has been known as a team that wants to run. 

While the Steelers ran the ball a lot against the Jets, they called more pass plays than running plays against the Ravens. I expect the Packers to come out with a lot more five defensive back sets as they focus on stopping Roethlisberger. Against that defense, they might decide it's time to call a run heavy game.

What do you expect the Steelers to do?