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Aaron Rodgers Receives Votes As NFL Offensive Player Of The Year

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Unlike the surprising loss by Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews for Defensive Player of the Year award, QB Aaron Rodgers was not expected to win NFL Offensive Player of the Year. Unsurprisingly, the award went to QB Tom Brady. But it's always nice to be recognized, and Rodgers received two votes.

Also on Tuesday, he spoke at media day. On getting to the Super Bowl: "obviously we feel like we have a three, four, or five-year window right here to make a lot of these." While this might be the beginning of his window, he said this was a special opportunity for older players like WR Donald Driver, CB Charles Woodson, and LT Chad Clifton.

And on the defensive player of the year, SS Troy Polamalu: "It’s going to be most important for us protection-wise to figure out who’s coming and find a way to block it up or get the ball out because they do a great job of disguising their blitzes and playing different coverages behind those blitzes."