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Packers Injuries From The Super Bowl

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The Green Bay Packers have dealt with numerous injuries during the 2010 season. They were without LB Erik Walden last week, but during their five game winning streak leading up the Super Bowl, they had been relatively healthy. Obviously that changed against the Steelers.

Mike McCarthy ran down a number of injuries during his press conference. Most notably was CB Charles Woodson, who's broken collar bone should heal without surgery. WR Jordy Nelson appeared at the post-Super Bowl celebration on crutches, due to an injured bursa sac. McCarthy said that Nelson "fought through the fourth quarter" with the injury. I'm not exactly sure when the injury took place, but Nelson was targeted six times in the fourth, including a 38 yard crossing route that took the ball down to the 2 yard line. It's not a major injury, and it just needs rest

WR Donald Driver suffered an ankle sprain which hopefully isn't serious. Again, hard to tell how serious the shoulder injury is to CB Sam Shields. And the only player scheduled for surgery is LB A.J. Hawk, who's going to have his wrist scoped for a chronic injury.