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The Turf On Which The Packers Won The Super Bowl

Immediately after the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, I was allowed to go onto the field. I could have interviewed players, but decided to take photos instead. It was a bit chaotic. Players celebrated with their teammates and families, while everyone was randomly moving around the field looking for each other. There was confetti everywhere on the ground, and I saw some people pick it up as a souvenir.

I thought about picking up the confetti too, but later it would seem like just some scraps of paper without any significance on their own. You might have noticed the recent ads here at Acme Packing Company offering sections of the turf from Cowboys Stadium for sale. While my confetti was just a handful of color paper, PhotoFile has taken the turf and is selling it in frames and boxes worthy of display.

There is a 15% discount for Acme Packing Company readers (as you can see in the ad). Go to PhotoFile and enter the promotional code SBNTURF at checkout for the discount. The items will ship after February 25, 2011.