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Packers To Extend The Contracts of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy

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According to JS Online, Mike McCarthy hasn't actually had his contract extended, but team President Mark Murphy said they'll "work something out." Meanwhile Murphy said GM Ted Thompson has had his contract extended, and JS Online speculates it's for an additional five years. Murphy said that they've been working on this for months, but it was probably a done deal after they reached the NFC Championship game.

Back in 2008, Thompson was extended for five years after the Green Bay Packers reached their first NFC Championship game under his leadership. And a week later, Mike McCarthy received a five year extension. So it's really no surprise they've both received (are about to receive) another extension.

I've got no complaints with either of them. They don't always make the right decisions, but no one is perfect. They both are very good at their jobs, brought another championship to Green Bay, and have set the team up for the future.