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The Packers Finally Lose An Offensive Coach

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Jimmy Robinson helped develop Greg Jennings
Jimmy Robinson helped develop Greg Jennings

It's been reported that the Green Bay Packers have lost wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson to the Dallas Cowboys. According to JS Online, "Robinson was responsible for coaching different aspects of the passing game as well as developing the wide receivers. He is considered meticulous and a perfectionist and does not bend an inch on demanding his receivers follow the design of the offense."

And that's about all I know about him. I do know that the different offensive coaches have different planning responsibilities on offense (for example, one coach might work specifically on their red zone offense) so Robinson brings more understanding of the Packers offense to Dallas than just how to coach the receivers.

I'm surprised it's taken this long for a Green Bay Packers offensive coach to move up the NFL ranks. Part of the reason is that Mike McCarthy frequently denies other teams' request to interview, but often refuses to answer questions about what interviews he's actually denied. While I'm sure Robinson's a good coach, I'm certain the Packers can find a quality replacement.

Does anyone know anything more specific about Jimmy Robinson?