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What Is Packers QB Matt Flynn Worth In Trade?

Dan Pompei at National Football Post wrote about the Green Bay Packers trade prospects for QB Matt Flynn, and threw out that they "might be able to get a second round pick" for him. His sources come from "my people at Lambeau Field" so this might be more wishful thinking than reality. But there's no denying that Flynn was solid in his only career NFL start last December at New England.

Tex Western was speculating along these same lines last week, that for the right offer "Ted will pull the trigger." This is a hard sell because you have to have a buyer willing to surrender a hypothetical second round pick. There are certainly some examples of it happening, but this isn't the sort of thing that happens every year.

The more certain news Pompei mentioned is that the Packers will get a compensatory pick for losing DE Aaron Kampman in free agency. It's a complicated formula, but the Packers didn't sign any offsetting free agent of similar quality from another team, so the odds are good they'll receive the highest compensatory pick, which could come at the end of the third round. Unfortunately compensatory picks cannot be traded, so it doesn't provide them with a better opportunity to move up.