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Package Deal: Tom Clements and Matt Flynn

With a lot of teams looking for quarterbacks, and with the Green Bay Packers possibly in the market to trade QB Matt Flynn, I came across this story from Mocking The Draft. They wonder if the Tennessee Titans are in the market to sign Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements as their offensive coordinator, and trade for Flynn. It's a moot point now because the Titans already went the re-tread route and made the uninspiring hiring of Chris Palmer, but it's something that could help another team and the Packers.

If I needed to re-design my offense, I'd take a long look at bringing in Flynn and one of his offensive coaches to run the offense. That seems like a quality package deal to me since Flynn already has three years of experience learning the Packers offense.

McCarthy hasn't been known for giving his assistants permission to interview for coordinator positions, but I would think he'd have less reservation about letting one of his assistants make a name for himself in the AFC. It might also give encourage another team to pay a premium for Flynn so their new offensive coach can have his quarterback. 

I think McCarthy's understandable reluctance to let his assistants interview elsewhere, and the unknowns involved with the collective bargaining negotiations, are preventing teams from even pursuing this option. But if Flynn is ever going to get a chance at his own Super Bowl ring, the odds are that he's going to have to go for it on another team.