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Compare The Coaches: Mike McCarthy to Mike Holmgren

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Ryan's covered the details of Mike McCarthy's new three-year extension with the Green Bay Packers. When I read about it, I was reminded of the contract signed by their last Super Bowl winning head coach. There's an interesting comparison to be made here between this extension and the contract Mike Holmgren signed with the Seahawks back in 1999. Except, obviously, that McCarthy isn't leaving Green Bay.

Here are the career stats for Mike McCarthy and Mike Holmgren. Both coaches were hired by the Packers in their early 40s. Holmgren had a .670 winning percentage in seven seasons, while McCarthy is currently at .600 after five. Holmgren was paid $4 million per season by the Seahawks to act as their head coach and GM, while McCarthy's at $5 million while only working one job. It's interesting that McCarthy is staying with the Packers at about the same time, with almost as much success, as when Holmgren was just about to leave.

GM Ron Wolf retired shortly after Holmgren left, and it's possible that GM Ted Thompson might be leaving soon too, despite the new extension. Bob McGinn had a source tell him that while Thompson's "a football guy through and through...he doesn't like all the other (expletive) that goes with it." Something to keep an eye on over the next couple years.