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Will The Packers Lay Off Employees After The Lockout Begins?

While the Chiefs have already laid off 11 employees, following the Jets earlier firing of 30 employees, it's clear that NFL teams will have to reduce their payroll when the lockout begins. But those reductions might not be as substantial for the Green Bay Packers. The Press-Gazette spoke with Mark Murphy about their plans in case of a lockout:

"We have a plan for what it would look like," Murphy said, "but for a lot of us really it will be business as usual. If you think about, for things like marketing, we’ll be doing the things we normally do to get ready for the season. For the coaches obviously it’s quite a bit different."

"Murphy would not divulge the specifics of the Packers’ cuts but suggested they were more to help with the team’s cash flow during a lockout than to cut wages permanently for the year. He said that if the lockout is long enough to trigger lost wages for the coaches, they would be able to make up most or all of the lost income once games resume."