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Donald Driver Is Going To Play Until He's 40

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Via Kevin Seifert is an interview with Green Bay Packers WR Donald Driver who said "I don't know why people have said I was going to retire." And he said his goal is to play until he's 40. Just in case you were curious.

His long term future was discussed when Mitchell examined the wide receiver position. While he slipped statistically, and overall wasn't nearly the factor he had been in most seasons, but he remained a focal point in the offense. Injuries were the main reason for his decline. He battled a quad injury mid-season, and was knocked out of the Super Bowl with a high ankle sprain. 

I wouldn't be very excited the about the future of a 36 year old receiver, but Driver's proven that age hasn't held him back as it has for many great receivers. On the other hand, the Packers can't stick with him past his time. I think the Packers will be expecting him to bounce back in 2011.