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What Will The Vikings Offense Look Like In 2011?

Mark Craig of the Star Tribune writes about how the Vikings are in a tough spot in the event of a lockout. He says that their new offense will take"a lot of time and hard work to install in the offseason." And he reminds us that the Vikings are currently looking at the start of the QB Joe Webb era and "that's not a good feeling for the near future."

Kevin Seifert wrote about this same theme. He said new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave has been charged "with developing a scheme that best fits the Vikings' roster." With RB Adrian Peterson, and a quarterback who's done more as on the ground than through the air (so far), it would seem they are best suited to build around their running game. But no offense currently is among the league's best with a run heavy mentality.   

The rumors of QB Donovan McNabb to the Vikings have been kicking around for years. And as Mark Craig said, McNabb would have been adjusting to a similar offense if offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had remained, so his addition seems unlikely now that Bevell's gone. I'm undecided on what the Vikings will do. But I can't see them going anywhere with Webb as their quarterback.