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Packers: Zac Woodfin Hired As New Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach

Green Bay's persistent offseason attitude continued on Sunday, with the Packers reportedly hiring Zac Woodfin as the teams new assistant strength and conditioning coach. The move is likely to replace assistant strength and conditioning coach, Dave Redding, ahead of the 2011 season.

According to the Pratville Progress, Woodfin will take over as of next year, after spending time with the Packers as a player in 2005. Woodfin holds the record for most career tackles at UAB (372), only to become the final Packer player cut during the season.

All of this comes just months after Mike McCarthy chose to appoint Mark Lovat as the teams strength and conditioning coordinator in 2010, which is slowly coming to form as time draws on.

For some, the new move encourages a much more healthy perspective heading into next year. Injuries were a huge problem for the Packers a season ago, and although it can't all be blamed on coaching, strength and conditioning has become a questionable area as of late.

Woodfin on the other hand has the experience necessary to get the Packers back on an injury free track. Once he parted ways with Green Bay, Woodfin enjoyed a brief stint in Baltimore, only to receive the same painful news as he did up North.

Following the NFL, Woodfin took his talents to the World Football League, and then wound up with Athletes Performance Inc. - now he will make a move back to Green Bay to take on a much more publicized role.

Another positive move for the Packers that is set to make a significant difference this year, even if fans choose to overlook it.