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Donald Driver With The Packers Play Of The Year

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There were a lot of pivotal plays made during the 2010 season for the Green Bay Packers. Many of them could be looked back upon as the play of the year. For example, NT B.J. Raji's INT in the NFC Championship game was the difference against the Bears. Or when LB Clay Matthews forced a fumble from RB Rashard Mendenhall in the Super Bowl, and he changed the momentum of the game. 

But looking through this slideshow of 100 photos by Corey Wilson at the Press-Gazette, I'd have to go with the touchdown run by WR Donald Driver against the 49ers. They would have won the game without the score. It didn't make a difference in the context of the entire season. But it was the jaw dropping, how did he do that, play of the year. Even in the linked picture, he's a few yards from the goal line with four defenders surrounding him, and he still managed to score.

Overall, the slide show is a neat look back at the season in visuals. And it only takes a few minutes. We're there any other awesome plays that also deserve a mention?