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Charles Woodson Interviewed By Jason Wilde

Getty Images

This is a very good interview of Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson by Jason Wilde. Probably my favorite story is that DE C.J. Wilson has not only finished a promising rookie season, but he can "flat out play the piano." But there are some other questions that will effect them on the field.

They are going to let his broken collarbone heal on its own. "If we had to do something later on we could, but we’re not even going to chance it at this point." That's what I had expected, but it's good that he doesn't seem concerned about it.

While he's "not doing any recruiting," his question about free agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha is "where's he going to fit?" He's not thinking of only himself, but in regard to CB Sam Shields and CB Tramon Williams too. There wouldn't be enough snaps for all four cornerbacks. He said "I don't feel like I lost really anything" while playing at age 34, and he'll need to have that confidence. It's hard to look back where Shields was this time last year and imagine saying the Packers should pass on Asomugha because they have him. But Shields is pretty good, and the added benefit of Asomugha is outweighed by his extreme cost.