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C.J. Wilson Honored In North Carolina

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There's a lot of love to go around for the Super Bowl champs. Already Kansas has celebrated Jordy Nelson Day. Now Green Bay Packers DE C.J. Wilson will be honored at a homecoming event in Belhaven, NC. He played college ball at nearby East Carolina University. 

Wilson wasn't a big part of the Super Bowl itself, he recorded one QB hit against the Steelers, but he helped them get into the playoffs. His most memorable game was on October 24th against the Vikings. DE Cullen Jenkins was ruled out before the game, and DE Ryan Pickett only made it through the first few plays. By the end, he was one of only three defensive lineman available. He had eight tackles and was on the field for nearly the entire second half. They barely won, and he played a key role in a victory that they needed.

Wilson's role diminished afterwards because they signed DT Howard Green at the end of October. He should be a valuable part of the rotation in 2011. He'll remain a valuable part of the team not only for his on-field play, but his Gatorade dumping ability (seen above) and off-field piano playing.