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Brandon Jackson And The Need To Draft A Running Back

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As I read through various analysis of the Green Bay Packers draft needs, one position that rarely comes up is running back. However, JS Online reported that RB Brandon Jackson has changed agents and is now represented by Drew Rosenhaus. Apparently Jackson is looking to turn up the heat on his quest for a starting position.

While Jackson did little as a lead back replacing RB Ryan Grant, he still believes he can start somewhere. That seems like a longshot. If he does find a team willing to 1) pay him, and 2) let him at least compete for the starting job, my guess is that' he'd jump at the chance. What would the Packers do without him?

They would have to replace him. As a third-down type back, his value is as a blocker and receiver. And he did those two things better than either Grant or RB James Starks. It's reasonable to believe that GM Ted Thompson would trade down and out of the first round, and he might grab a replacement in the second round. Maybe they'll keep the connection open to California and draft RB Shane Vereen, more on him from Walter Football, who is a good athlete and receiver. He might make more sense then someone like Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure.