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Packers Likely To Tender Contracts To Their Restricted Free Agency

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Pro Football Focus has a list of the Green Bay Packers free agents. The list of restricted free agents only includes one player who started every game (LG Daryn Colledge), plus SS Charlie Peprah, who ended up starting 15 games (including playoffs) in 2010. There are several key reserves in RB Brandon Jackson, WR James Jones, and FB John Kuhn. And it's helpfully broken down by restricted free agents who have three years of experience, and another list with those that have five years. 

As Adam Schefter explains, free agents used to be unrestricted after they had three years of experience. That was bumped up to six last year when their wasn't a salary cap. And teams plan on using restricted free agent tenders again next month, even if they don't know whether the tender offser is binding. It wasn't a given that teams would be able to tender contracts to restricted free agents. As one agent put it, "the boxing gloves are on." The players and their agents are not happy.

I would expect the Packers would want to keep all their key restricted free agents. I already mentioned the three key offensive reserves up above, along with Colledge and Peprah..The others are S Atari Bigby, K Mason Crosby, FB Korey Hall, S Anthony Smith, and OL Jason Spitz. Who's the least likely to receive a contract tender offer?