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Bears Extend Lovie Smith To 2013

The Chicago Bears announced that they're adding two years to the contract of head coach Lovie Smith.  After the team's surprising performance over the course of the 2010, resulting in a division championship and a first-round bye in the playoffs, Chicago management thought that Smith was the man to get the team over the hump and back into a Super Bowl.  

For the Packers, you can take this one of two ways.  You could be worried: Smith is an above-average coach (win percentage of .563 in the regular season, .500 in the playoffs) who made it clear from day 1 that beating Green Bay is a top priority.  He certainly did that during the early part of his tenure, going 7-3 against Green Bay between 2004 and 2008.  

Or, you could be happy that we know what we'll get year-to-year.  Since 2008, the series has evened out, and Lovie's record against the Packers (including the 2010 NFC Championship Game) overall stands at a tepid 8-7.  The fact that this balancing out coincides with the ascension of Aaron Rodgers is less a product of Lovie's coaching and more of the fact that Chicago's defense is aging rapidly.

How are you taking the news as a Packer fan?  Is Lovie an easy mark to take advantage of, or will he return to giving the Packers fits?