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Edgar Bennett To Coach Wide Receivers

The Green Bay Packers have been without a wide receivers coach since February 12th, when wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson left for a similar position with the Cowboys. To replace him, they've named former running back Edgar Bennett as their new wide receivers coach. He's been their running backs coach since 2005. Assistant line coach Jerry Fontenot will replace him, and there will be a couple other minor changes to the coaching staff.

At first it seems like an odd choice since Bennett played running back in the NFL after all, and not wide receiver. But he was arguably a better receiver than runner during his career anyway (3.6 ypc on the ground, and 284 career receptions). Maybe it makes more sense that he coaches the receivers.

On the other hand, I expect Mike McCarthy's offensive coaches are well versed in all aspects on offense. If the Eagles can promote their offensive line coach to defensive coordinator, then there is nothing odd about this hiring.