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On Matt Flynn: "His Future Is To Be On Our Team"

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GM Ted Thompson was asked about Green Bay Packers backup QB Matt Flynn. Thompson "assumes [Flynn's] going to be on our team." With Flynn entering his fourth season, and after one promising start at New England on his resume, his trade value may never be higher. But Thompson said "that's not necessarily the logical next step."

This might not be the year to trade a player. With the labor negotiations ongoing, and each players' free agent status somewhat of an unknown, it might be impossible to trade him for a draft pick in this April's draft. I wouldn't be in favor of trading him this year for a pick in 2012.

Also, 2010 proved that they sometimes need their backup quarterback. They ended up losing both games when QB Aaron Rodgers was out with a concussion, but Flynn gave them the chance to win. I'm content to see him return as the backup in 2011. If they do trade him, how high a draft pick is he worth?