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It's A Rough Year To Draft A Wide Receiver

With the Green Bay Packers likely to keep their restricted free agents, I expect they'll keep the status quo in the receiving corps. Maybe WR Jordy Nelson has a better shot at unseating WR James Jones for the No. 3 spot, and maybe WR Donald Driver slips out of the starting lineup. But it should be the same top four, and I'd expect they'll be seeing the same number of passes thrown their way.

Which is good because I'm pretty unimpressed with the potential first round receivers in 2011. Georgia's A.J. Green is off to a horrible start at the NFL Combine. Interviews and measurements don't usually make or end a prospects career, but when players become unraveled during these relatively simple media events, it's often a sign of trouble to come.

Alabama's Julio Jones is seen by most as the second best receiver prospect. But whenever I watched him in 2010, he seemed to be dropping a catchable pass. He'll have a good career, but with a WR Brandon Marshall type ceiling. Maryland's Torrey Smith is well regarded, but unfortunately reminds me of bust WR Darrius Heyward-Bey. Pittsburgh's Jonathan Baldwin has been suggested for the Packers, but the knock on him is that he "doesn't have ideal speed" which pretty much crosses him off my draft board.

I'm sure there are some diamonds in the rough to be found, but the players currently holding first round grades don't impress me.