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Mike McCarthy Plans On Winning Another Super Bowl Sometime Soon

Coach Mike McCarthy strolled into Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, where he was met by well wishers and fellow coaches who took it upon themselves to offer congratulations in Indianapolis. 

But if you are wondering about McCarthy's thoughts on this years draft prospects, you'll have to wait a little longer, because the determined question of "Can the Packers repeat?" managed to find its way into the NFL Combine.

When asked by reporters on his teams chances, McCarthy quickly gave the world a very brief and predictable answer.

"I plan on winning another one.  Yes, I do".

If that isn't stating the obvious, then I don't know what is.

Still, that isn't as far as the questioning went  Reporters proceeded one step further tossing up the name of Vince Lombardi, stating that McCarthy has a favorable chance of joining the immortal Packer legend as a multiple championship winning coach.

And the chances of this are?

Moments away from reaching a new contract that will ensure his future with the team through 2015, McCarthy has the world at his fingertips, and so does quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  The two have become the envy of every other team in the league, aside from New England, Pittsburgh and other strong offensive franchises.

Therefore, you could say the chances of hoisting number five are extremely high, or at the very least rather strong.  Nevertheless, a crucial offseason lays ahead with many Packer players facing the free agency pool, a situation made all that more difficult thanks to the topsy-turvy CBA saga, which may go belly up sometime soon.

"I'm not old, but I've been around long enough to understand that I'm in a great situation," McCarthy stated. "This is where I want to stay."

Putting Green Bay's thick history aside, it is no real surprise that McCarthy wants to remain in Titletown.  Rodgers is any coaches dream player, but the expertise surrounding McCarthy on the sidelines is almost unmatched throughout the NFL.

Maybe that's why McCarthy was harassed like a popular high school cheerleader through the corridors of Lucas Oil, where he was congratulated, queried and finally appreciated from those around him.

It hasn't been a fairytale story for the Packers coach like it has been for others, though.  Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time after Bill Cowher's departure, although that isn't to say he is a poor coach by any stretch.

But for McCarthy, it has been a game of "Maybe this year, maybe the next" each and every season.  He himself felt that 2009 was the Packers year, that was until Arizona had the final word behind some Kurt Warner magic in the Wild Card round.

"That loss last year helped us. That was a hard, hard loss to accept." McCarthy admitted.

It's not like you have to tell the fans twice, either.

Whether we play football in 2011, or we wait until 2012, McCarthy will have to defend his Super Bowl title one way or another.  The pressure of Lombardi isn't all that overwhelming, but the expectations from Packer fans is to win, something that has always remained the same.

McCarthy's new deal will make him one of the highest paid coaches when it is finalized.  I guess you can now include him with the Bill Belichick's and Andy Reid's of the coaching world, although a select group of people still see him one step below New England's mastermind.

However, rest assured, if a second title swings Green Bay's way, McCarthy may quickly go from "great" to "legend" at the drop of a dime. 

Oh, and lets not forget Curly Lambeau in this walk down memory lane, shall we?

Even so, McCarthy has plenty of time to play catch up.


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