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Rating The Offensive Tackles At The Combine

The offensive lineman worked out on Saturday. And the Green Bay Packers could be looking for another offensive lineman with their first round pick. It appears that the top tackles remained the best after their workouts.

Actually in the case of USC OT Tyron Smith, he remained in the mix to become the first tackle drafted when he came in weighing 307 lbs, although he pulled out of the workouts. He was often playing undersized at around 280 in college. He should be long gone by the time the Packers draft.

Colorado's Nate Solder is a former tight end, and he showed off his athleticism. Matt Mosley thinks he's a good candidate for the Top 15. Todd McShay said he "stole the show." Another guy who won't be available at No. 32.

Boston College's Anthony Castonzo is another top player who did not disappoint. Wes Bunting said Castonzo "was able to quickly get out of his stance and pull," and he doesn't expect "seeing him fall past the top 20 picks." Roshan Bhagat said Castonzo is the safest pick.

There wasn't a lot of talk of players after the big three. On Wisconsin's Gabe Carimi, Wes Bunting said that the combine was "not the type of environment where he will shine." He remains a possibility, along with someone like Mississippi State's Derek Sherrod.

As many as seven offensive lineman might be drafted in the first round, but it's also possible that none will be drafted in the Top 15. That might lead to a run at some point in the first round, but it could also mean that one or more may slide down to the Packers spot at No. 32 as that run starts later.