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Vikings Will Not Re-Sign Sidney Rice Before March 4

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WR Sidney Rice is one of the keys to a quick turnaround in 2011 for the Vikings. However he's not currently under contract and he's not going to re-sign until free agency begins sometime after March 4th. And Christopher Gates is correct: Rice isn't going anywhere because he should remain a restricted free agent. That's free agency in name only. The only problem is that he's not willing to sign a team-friendly contract. He could get mad, pull a Vincent Jackson style type stunt, and eventually he might get a better contract. Such a stunt would hurt them in the short-term.

While he's a key player, their biggest concern is finding a new quarterback. With an unimpressive draft class, QB Kevin Kolb might be their best option. If they're really willing to trade their first round pick (No. 12 overall) for him, I doubt any other team will beat that offer.