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Would Clinton Portis Make Sense For The Packers?

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It's been announced that, unsurprisingly, the Redskins plan to release RB Clinton Portis because he's overpaid ($8 million next season) and often injured (he's only played in 13 games over the past two seasons). I was wondering if he'd be a possible replacement for RB Brandon Jackson with the Green Bay Packers. He'd be an upgrade, if healthy, but that's a big if. 

Jackson was a bust as a lead back replacing RB Ryan Grant, but that won't stop him from looking for a job as a lead back. He's a very good blocker and receiver as their third down back, but he lost a lot of playing time to RB James Starks down the stretch. As a restricted free agent, his mostly likely destination is back in Green Bay (assuming the Packers still want him). But it's possible they could find a trading partner, and make a move.

I doubt Portis's first choice will be to play in Green Bay, but the allure of playing for the defending Super Bowl champ could have some appeal. While he's widely viewed as a lead back, he's a great pass blocker, and historically he's been a good receiver (though his receptions have decreased dramatically over the past three seasons). He'd be a great third down back, and he'd offer a real alternative to Grant if they'd needed him. The free agent market for veteran running backs has been soft the past couple years, and I doubt he'll draw a ton of interest. I don't expect the stars will align for him in Green Bay, but he'd actually be a nice fit in a reduced role.