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No Love For Mike McCarthy In The AP 2010 NFL Coach of the Year

Bill Belichick has won the 2010 AP NFL Coach of the Year award. There had been some speculation that Mike McCarthy would make a fine candidate, but this vote is based on regular season results. A three game winning streak in the playoffs is very impressive, but it's not taken into consideration for this vote.

Ironically not a single one went to either McCarthy or Mike Tomlin. Tomlin would seem like someone with a chance to win, since he survived the early season suspension of QB Ben Roethlisberger and led his team to the number two seed in the AFC. McCarthy did managed to lead a very injured team into the playoffs, but this list of votes all included coaches who led teams that did better than was expected. 

Only two coaches exceeded record expectations, except for the one lone vote for Andy Reid, and thirty for Bill Belichick. But everyone expected those teams to make the playoffs. I can understand why McCarthy was shut out, Tomlin too, but can anyone explain the media's love of Belichick?