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Yeah, Uh Huh, You Know What It Is: Lil Wayne's Packers Anthem, "Green And Yellow"

Back in October, most people in tune with popular culture became familiar with Wiz Khalifa's song "Black And Yellow." It became an un-official anthem for the professional sports teams in Pittsburgh, whose colors are all black and yellow, in addition to becoming absurdly overplayed in Western Pennsylvania. Lil Wayne has decided that, leading up to Super Bowl XLV, this song needed a response, hence, "Green And Yellow" was born.

Before he spoke to ESPN The Magazine, had no idea that Weezy was a Green Bay Packers fan. Apparently, he's such a big Packers fan that he felt the need to record a response track to Wiz Khalifa's Stillers anthem, and the result is surprisingly decent. Give it a listen.

When I heard about the Weezy track, I was skeptical. I figure it was going to be really lame, because let's be honest, lots of fan anthems are. However, we have to remember that this is actually a professional rapper, regardless of what you think of him or the genre of music. He actually does put time into writing lyrics on a regular basis, so it shouldn't be shocking that he's put out something a little better than "Teach Me How To Bucky", which I think is sort of lame. No disrespect to the Zooniversity guys, because I wouldn't have done any better, but Weezy is just a different level. And "What's A Coastie?" was funny.

So, we have a new song to blast at our tailgate parties while throwing back some brewskis. Thanks, Weezy!

Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is.