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Final Reports From Practice - Packers and Steelers

The Green Bay Packers had their final jog-throughs for the offense, and defense on Saturday in their hotel's ballroom. The defense went through their defensive calls for all down and distances. The offense did the same, and made some final corrections. Mike McCarthy said "to me the preparation stress has just left the building."

The bad news was that LB Erik Walden did not take part in the jog-through. "Erik’s going to have to show us something before the game," McCarthy said. "Obviously we’re going over early, 2 o’clock, so we’ll have a decision right there at the deadline." That doesn't sound promising, and as of right now, I'm expecting LB Frank Zombo will start.

As for the Steelers, they invited family members to attend practice as the players went through a casual walkthrough. Little kids ran around the players as they posed for individual photos. The goal was to create a relaxed practice.

And a note on the snow. It was looking really bad on Friday, but it's been warm and sunny on Saturday for the first time all week. Just in time as the big crowds begin to descend into the area. As this rate, it might all be gone by Sunday. UPDATE: Oh great, it's supposed to snow again on Sunday.