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The Final Word: Predicting Super Bowl XLV From a Green Bay Packer Perspective

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Vince Lombardi may have asked "What the hell is going on out here" forty odd years ago on the sidelines of Lambeau Field.  But on Super Bowl Sunday, the man who once owned a poncho for his famous gray hat will be smiling upon the Green Bay Packers.

In less than 24 hours, history will be made in the NFL.  Through the demons that have haunted Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers in the past 12 months, more lays on the line than silly reputations and a plain headline that reads "Team X Wins!".

A trip to Disneyland isn't all that important either.

No, because Sunday is all about legacy for these two teams.  And instead of dwelling on the insignificant details of the past, the unnatural warm confines of Cowboys Stadium will portray the message that Las Vegas bears: What happens in Dallas, stays in Dallas.

I guess that is hard to comprehend when half of the world plus Jerry Jones is watching, though.

For Green Bay, a fourth Super Bowl ring is on the line.  Former Packer head coach Mike Holmgren played the role of Superman during 1997 rescuing the team from dull days past, and now Pittsburgh born Mike McCarthy looks to do the replicate his achievements.

One thing stands in the way, however.


You thought I was going to say the Pittsburgh Steelers, didn't you?  Better luck next time.

Yes, believe it or not doubt comes into play when taking a look at the Packers, as the seven Super Bowl juggernaut is an experts dream chew toy with a span of two weeks to analyze and criticize. Still, at the end of the day only one conclusion can be reached -- the Steelers have a distinct experience advantage.

Curly Lambeau may have disagreed mind you.

For the record, just about everyone is in on the Steelers wheel of fortune.  Snoop Dogg is sporting his varsity jacket, while game simulations performed by Accuscore have the Steelers winning 70% of the time should they take care of the ball.

One giant gulp has just been taken by McCarthy.

But why should the Packers second guess themselves against Tomlin's crew?  The Packers are just as successful away from the trophy cabinet, not to mention Green Bay do have a defensive advantage with center Maurkice Pouncey kicking up his leg walker on the sidelines.

Good thinking 99, you just may be on to something.

I've said it ever since Pouncey was announced to miss out on Sunday, and I'll say it again, the Packers will win the pressure battle.  Roethlisberger may be as strong as a workman's hardhat, but there is no reason "The Freezer" B.J. Raji can't throw a 337 pound fastball Big Ben's way.

Just like Tim Lincecum, that fastball will come straight up the middle.

Replacement center Dan Legursky will fill in for Pouncey, a second year player that makes his first start in the Super Bowl, a stage that welcomes nerves and squashes poor performances.  I won't get ahead of myself, though.

Who will bring the pressure other than Raji?

One, A.J Hawk.  Two, Desmond Bishop.  Three, Cullen Jenkins, in that order.  (Throw in Clay Matthews if you wish, even though he will be more of a force on the outside)

All of these players will utilize the on-ramp through the middle of the Steelers highway Sunday, and with 10.5 sacks between them, the Packers should be able to implement the same amount of doubt into Tomlin's normally calm head.

Green Bay must steer clear from the media's predictions, a foggy mind and a wagon full of doubt was one of the main reasons the Packers lost to John Elway and the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl XXXII.  McCarthy isn't likely to let history repeat itself.

My prediction?

I've tossed and turned with the rest of you, but Rodgers has instilled faith in Green Bay this postseason.  His exclusive indoor ways also elude me to a Packer victory.

Packers 23 - Steelers 17



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Ryan Cook is an Australian author for Acme Packing Company, and a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also a guest writer on PackerChatters, and a contributing writer for Gack Sports.