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Brunch With A Legend - My Last Pre-SB Media Event

Saint Vince
Saint Vince

Thanks to all my new followers on Twitter. I've reached 600 followers this afternoon. I'm no @GregJennings, who got over 33,000 followers just this week, so I appreciate all of you.

This morning I traveled back to Fort Worth to attend the ESPN Brunch With A Legend. No, it wasn't for St. Vince, who was getting a police escort in downtown Fort Worth, and deserves a brunch with a legend event of his own.

This was an ESPN Audio event hosted by Jeremy Schapp with guests Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, and Matt Cassel. This was a promotion for their local initiative, first with local ESPN Radio stations and then with their regional sites like ESPN Chicago. ESPN Audio is the umbrella brand that includes ESPN Radio and podcasts through their various sites. While they don't have a ESPN local site for Wisconsin as slick as the ESPN Chicago site, Mo Davenport, the GM and Senior VP for ESPN Audio told me that they plan to rollout more local sites in the future. "Take it slowly", Davenport said, as they make sure they have the right local flavor and editorial ready.

I had a few minutes to talk with Jeremy Schapp, who's very happy to host these types of events. He doesn't treat it like an in-depth interview. The goal, he said, is to "have a fun conversation." Schapp said he loves the in-depth reporting he normally gets to do for E:60 and The Sporting Life. At the end, the invited 200 to 300 VIP guests had a chance to ask questions.

Cassel was asked about QB Aaron Rodgers and said "this is a great opportunity for him to show his skills. He's one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the league." He didn't predict a winner, but he expects it will be the team "who makes the least amount of mistakes."