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Super Bowl XLV Pre Game Open Thread: Packers and Steelers


I've made it to the stadium, and here's the view from my seat. The players are warming up on the field. Two hours until kickoff. It's time to start the pre-game open thread.

The NFL has just released a statement that some of the temporary seating areas inside the stadium have not been completed, and those ticket holders will get to wait in the Party Plaza outside with a few thousand others. I'm sure they're just thrilled with the NFL.

UPDATE: Erik Walden out. Frank Zombo is starting.

From “The Packers’ other inactives are: fullback Quinn Johnson, running back Dimitri Nance, cornerback Brandon Underwood, cornerback Josh Gordy, guard/center Evan Dietrich-Smith and guard/center Nick McDonald. Graham Harrell is the third quarterback.”