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Packers Super Bowl Win Appreciation Week Begins!!!

While I'd agree that WR Greg Jennings had a great game, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is my Super Bowl MVP. And obviously the people that actually vote on such things agreed too. I was able to go onto the field and take candid photos of various players celebrating with their families. It was an incredible experience for this lifetime fan. I'll be sharing those photos over the next week, and the first photo of mine is a picture of the Lombardi Trophy as it was handed from player-to-player for an on-field kiss.

Back to Jennings. He had a great game. He caught four passes, including those two touchdowns, and only had three incompletions thrown at him. Two of them were quick passes that he had a chance to catch, though he might have been interfered on the first offensive play of the game. The other one was a long sideline route that just wasn't open. But I give a lot of credit to a receiver who can shake tight coverage in the end zone and get open.

On his two touchdown receptions, while Jennings had to deliver in the end, the opportunity was made possible by Rodgers. His first touchdown strike to Jennings was just sick. I was sitting in the opposite end zone, and could basically see the coverage that Rodgers saw. Jennings wasn't open. There were three defenders in the middle of the field, and it looked like he was throwing into a wall of white jerseys. Only on slow motion replay could I see what he saw in real time. A split second window between three charging defenders.

The stats might say this wasn't his best game of the season, the Giants game and Falcons playoff game were probably better, but most of the passes that fell incomplete in the Super Bowl were due to drops. He was getting the ball to where the receivers could catch it, and often right in their hands. I don't recall any obvious miscommunication or inaccurate passes. Compare that to QB Ben Roethlisberger who threw the ball high on many occasions. While Rodgers was almost perfect, in the biggest game of the season (of his career), and he brought the Packers their fourth Super Bowl victory.

Please consider this an Aaron Rodgers appreciation thread.