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Packers Have The Last Pick In The First Round

This will be a week of celebrating the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl win, but it doesn't hurt to look ahead. There's always room for improvement, those that don't strive for improvement are likely to fall behind, and the Packers could certainly make their road to the Super Bowl easier next season.

With that in mind, we now know the Packers will have the last selection in the first round. Here's the latest mock draft from SB Nation. I know nothing about this player, and unfortunately still no nothing about this player, but drafting an offensive lineman is probably a good idea.

"32. Green Bay Packers: Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor. The Super Bowl champs are going to get a lot better next year just by getting Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, Mark Tauscher and Nick Barnett back from the injured list. Their offensive line is still a weak point, and Watkins would represent an immediate upgrade over Daryn Colledge at left guard, and a possible down-the-line option at left tackle, as well."