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Okay Guys, How Soon Is Too Soon

We're all enjoying this Super Bowl win, right? Of course we are. Basically, this is the coolest sports thing to ever happen to me, which is saying a lot. I'm old enough that I remember the last Packers Super Bowl victory very clearly, and the team I support (and blog about for SBNation) in the English Premier League has had a much better run than usual in the last year.

Tottenham Hotspur beat Manchester City last season in the EPL to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, where they were able to defeat defending champions Inter Milan en route to qualification for the second stage of that tournament. Then, the Packers won the Super Bowl. So, yeah, I've been suuuuuper spoiled lately.

My question to you, dear readers, is how soon is too soon to start discussing the future of the team? Players that we should let walk, players that we need to re-sign, free agents we should approach, needs to address in the draft, etc. I'm going to be honest with you guys: I don't get as emotional about sports as the average fan. That doesn't mean I love it any less; I doubt that any of you sincerely care about the Packers significantly more than I do. It just means that I'm always thinking about what's next. I don't have a need to "let it sink in."

How soon is too soon? Do you guys want a week of party time before we get serious? Two weeks? Can we get serious tomorrow? I look forward to your opinions on this important matter.